How long is too long for data retention?

I once heard that the best way to have people not read something on your site was to name the page “Terms of Service.” After 20 years you’d think somebody would have found a way to simplify the language and bring a little clarity to what happens to your data once it enters the digital […]

When it comes to data, security is in the details

According to a recent article in Forbes your credit card is worth 25 cents. That might not sound like a lot. But when you hear about security breaches in the news, it’s not just one card, but millions that are scooped up and made available to potential scammers. That’s a lot of quarters! That same […]

Technology is making the print industry boom

Last week was a big week at Prime Data. We celebrated the expansion and centralizing of our production, IT and administration in Aurora, Ontario. It was a full-on celebration with a Dixieland band, tours of our new location, visits from dignitaries, vendors, customers and local business owners. It was such a big deal we even […]

My Day At Prime Data – A 15 year old’s view of direct mail

15 year old Ashlyn Cowie spent a day around our shop I woke up at 6:30am this morning, I was curious about the day ahead of me at Prime Data. As my mom and I drove into the parking lot of the building, I got an instant rush of excitement to finally see the place […]

University study makes business case for combining print and digital

Temple University was so impressed with the way printed mail delivered results in a recent study, they’ve made it part of their multi-channel marketing program to enrol Masters students. The study conducted by Temple University and paid for by the United States Postal Service (USPS) has found that email and physical mail provide an effective […]

There’s no such thing as crisis communications

Extinguish PR fires with a little bit of paper Your customer engagement plan is never a “set it and forget it” proposition. You can bring everyone together to map out a strategy and put execution plans in place one month, and then have an unexpected event turn everything on its head the next. Just the […]

Turn clumsy auto recall notices into winning customer engagements

Building a great vehicle can’t be easy. The effort that goes into engineering a product that is safe AND reliable AND sexy to consumers is incredible. But the automotive industry has got it figured out. And as a result, not only has the overall quality and safety of vehicles steadily improved over the last 100 […]

Data driven retail marketing

Digital strategies are a perfect fit for the traditional shopping experience

There is a very old marketing adage that goes something like this: “Half of my marketing budget is wasted. I just wish I knew which half.” For the longest time measuring results was an inexact science. Long before A/B testing, retailers had little choice but to toss everything at the wall and hope that some […]

The trick to a killer win-back program

Anyone who’s ever been in the sales game knows that it’s cheaper to keep and sell to an existing customer than to find, market and convert a new one. Never has this been more important than online. Once a visitor is converted from a first-time customer to make a second purchase, it usually indicates great […]