Employee Engagement Makes Prime Data a Better Partner

Any proud parent will tell you it’s hard not to brag about your kids. In the same vein, I’m very proud of the team we’ve built at Prime Data. And I need to brag about them a little, because every time I do, our clients’ eyes light up. Clients know that an engaged team is […]

Letters Feel Better

The following is a guest post from our Senior Sales Executive Ted Haberer My friend Gladys was born and raised on Broadview Avenue, just north of the Danforth in the east end of Toronto. On a summer day, she and her friends would walk down through the wooded valley and go for a swim in […]

Defining the “real” quality of variable digital print ads

We just bought a dishwasher. It seems they have a seven-year shelf life, so it’s something we all do with some regularity. But how do you tell the real quality of a dishwasher, anyway? You can be fooled by a lot of glitter and flash…when all you really want is clean dishes They’re all silver […]

Online triggers: a POWerful way to align digital and print marketing efforts

When it comes to marketing I’ve spoken before about why aligning digital and print is crucial to creating successful campaigns. The same data that powers your online activities, supercharges the effectiveness of print while closing the circle on the customer journey. Recently at DX3 in Toronto when I co-presented the session A Real-Time Triggered Customer […]

Mail less, raise more

How listening to your donors helps you reduce the amount you spend to raise a dollar Here are some industry slogans you won’t likely see promoted: Drink less wine – a message from local vintners Keep your old car longer – brought to you by your local car dealers Use less mobile data, it can […]

Make sure your digital marketing message hits home

Marketing today is about crunching numbers and following hard data to make decisions and win over consumers. It’s the reason we’re tracked virtually everywhere we go online. Digital tracking isn’t so scary anymore Visit an eCommerce website to check out some headphones, and you’ll likely see those very same headphones pop up on your Facebook […]

Autoresponders on the fridge? ResponsivePrint can do it.

It’s standard marketing practice that every purchase, registration or newsletter signup is quickly followed by an autoresponder of some kind. Do you read them? I rarely do. In fact when I see the autoresponder show up I generally just consider it “confirmation by subject line.” “Yup, got it” swipe left. Email autoresponders too easy to […]

Why direct mail is more valuable to advertisers than ever

You don’t often hear of a platform coming back stronger than ever after being decisively thumped by a new technology. But that’s the story of direct mail. It might be hard to remember, but there was a time before the internet and email and Google. It was an era of mass saturation. The advertiser’s goal […]

2018 ontario municipal election

Voter registration cards: Your data security matters

As the Ontario municipal elections approach, towns and cities across the province are gearing up to mail voter registration cards to residents. And if your municipality hasn’t already started, it is certainly one of the big projects looming large on the horizon. In elections past, voter registration cards were usually handled by the local printer. […]

Unboxing the General Mills & Canada Post Olympic Campaign

Don’t like videos? Read the transcript! Hey, how’re you doing? Steve Falk here from Prime Data. We’re going to do an unboxing of this box of Cheerios – one of my favorite breakfast treats. Turns out that Canada Post is working with General Mills to do a really neat program. This little cut-out here where […]