Thanks for the Movemberies

Thanks to all the guys who have primped and preened their morning stash all month. A nice contribution to Prostrate Cancer Canada has been sent off.  It is not too late to contribute. Click here to donate  

Proudly Presenting: “Voices At Hand” installation at AFP Congress Toronto

Part art installation, part performance residency and part travelling archive, Voices at Hand is an ongoing project that serves to examine the essence of why we keep letters.  Prime Data is proud to present this installation at our booth at the AFP Congress in Toronto on November 28-29, 2011.  Voices at Hand is also supported […]

Canada Post Heeds Fundraisers’ Concerns

CANADA POST HEEDS FUNDRAISERS’ CONCERNS OVER INTRUSIVE CANCELLATION MESSAGE Direct mail fundraisers were relieved to learn of plans by Canada Post to remove a recent prominent stamp cancellation message in support of the Corporation’s own charitable cause. The issue came to light during their September campaign in support of the Canada Post Foundation for Mental […]

“” Campaign was a major sponsor at the recent Chicago Graph Expo.  Some of the Youtube videos make compelling arguements for an integrated campaign that incorporates thoughtful use of analytics to direct variable messages to different segments of a mailing list.  It is an interesting example of a strong lobby group working to support the print […]

Public chooses stamp to support Charity

Canada Post has launched its first publicly chosen  stamp.  One dollar from the sale of a book of stamps goes towards the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health. See Canada Post link for more details

Increased Capacity – C7000 Colour and 1200 Konica Minolta

Courtesy of PrintCAN AURORA, ON—Prime Data has added two Konica Minolta C7000 and two Konica Minolta 1200 digital presses to its facilities. From left: Steve Falk, president; Curtis Stillie, production specialist, variable digital print; Siva Mylvaganam, programmer, data analyst; Anne Parkinson, accounting manager; Lynn Alcock-Ince, manager, variable data print; Dana Williams, programmer, data analyst; Kelly […]

Expanding Mailing Services

We are celebrating our recent expansion.  New larger facility, new Konica Minolta c7000 and 1200 digital printers and mailing and finishing equipment.  Our growing team is enjoying these new opportunities.

10 Billion Pieces of Mail

With the mail strike behind us let’s get beyond the propaganda that both sides gave the media. Volumes may be down but the post is still the most trusted channel to send many marketing messages.  The 10 billion pieces of admail and transactional mail sent in Canada last year are a testament to the effectiveness […]