Turn clumsy auto recall notices into winning customer engagements

Building a great vehicle can’t be easy. The effort that goes into engineering a product that is safe AND reliable AND sexy to consumers is incredible. But the automotive industry has got it figured out. And as a result, not only has the overall quality and safety of vehicles steadily improved over the last 100 […]

Data driven retail marketing

Digital strategies are a perfect fit for the traditional shopping experience

There is a very old marketing adage that goes something like this: “Half of my marketing budget is wasted. I just wish I knew which half.” For the longest time measuring results was an inexact science. Long before A/B testing, retailers had little choice but to toss everything at the wall and hope that some […]

The trick to a killer win-back program

Anyone who’s ever been in the sales game knows that it’s cheaper to keep and sell to an existing customer than to find, market and convert a new one. Never has this been more important than online. Once a visitor is converted from a first-time customer to make a second purchase, it usually indicates great […]

Drop the needle on your next digital campaign

Did you hear the one about the guy who went to a digital party and an analog turntable stole the show? Well it’s no joke. This happened to me last week at Dx3 in Toronto. As Canada’s premier digital marketing event you’d be right to assume that most of the attendees were looking for the […]

Dx3 2017: What not to miss

It’s less than a week until the 2017 edition of Dx3 kicks off in Toronto. And as Canada’s biggest digital marketing expo, it brings the best and brightest from multiple industries together to discuss the online marketplace for business both today AND tomorrow. This year we’re showing off our RevenueDriver™ tool that uses workflow automation […]

DX3 and the revenge of analog

Need it be said that we live in an increasingly digital world? We communicate with email, do research and purchase products online. And we are hit up with more marketing messages on a daily basis than at any other period in history. Even our ebooks have ads! Digital marketing is big business. DX3, March 8th […]

Making the case for print in eCommerce marketing

When a person misreads their audience, we call them tone-deaf. But when it comes to eCommerce I believe a lot of retailers have developed a bad case of tech-blindness. And by that I mean they don’t see the opportunities right in front of them because they are overwhelmed by the shiny new tech tools that […]

Don’t let shiny new technology limit your marketing options

It’s hard to believe that January marked the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone. Looking back, it’s shocking to consider just what kind of revolution that one piece of technology unleashed. With a single product launch Apple basically killed the Blackberry, while creating an exploding market for smartphones that eventually grew to include offerings from […]

Women’s March Weapon #1 – A Stamp-Propelled Postcard Rocket

“We Shall Overcomb” In Toronto last Saturday I joined a reported 60,000 people in support of the Washington Women’s March.  Here’s a shot I took as the group crammed into the square at Toronto City Hall to hear the final address.  There were plenty of groups represented and their signs and banners waved in the […]