Canada Post award

Canada Post strike averted. Now what?

4 Days to Act ! Next steps for Businesses, e-commerce and charities Do you use mail to support the activities of your business or charity? If you do then there is little   doubt you experienced some impact on your business as the threat of a mail disruption loomed this summer. But it’s all settled now, […]

Learning at the speed of innovation

The marketing technology industry is changing fast. What was breakthrough technology last year, is old news today. It wasn’t always like that. For decades our specialty, variable data print technology and the industry as a whole, lived in it’s own little bubble. Marginal changes here and there didn’t really impact our customers and didn’t require […]

What I learned at Graph Expo 2016

Whenever I attend a conference I like to make a list of things I learned. Sometimes it’s to remind myself of what the value was of the time spent there; other times there’s stuff I want to share with colleagues, and here in my posts. Two weeks ago I attended Graph Expo 2016 in Orlando. […]

Millennials Under The Spell Of Harry Potter Direct Mail

I’ve made this case before: a printed piece of direct mail has a greater perceived value, and drives much higher results than email. Of course that’s something you’d expect me to say, because printed marketing technology is my business. But do millennials have the same perception?  What do they respond best to? You guessed it […]

Graph Expo 2016 Session Picks

Earlier this week I wrote about the value of attending Graph Expo to our clients. Continuous improvement is something we take seriously. And attending events like this one makes us a stronger partner for organizations that are currently using print or looking at it as a means to communicate their messages more effectively. After going […]

Improving our services through education

With the pace of technological innovation within the print industry increasing at an almost exponential rate, the one thing that is becoming more and more evident is that those who fail to keep up are not only hurting their own ability to compete, they are also shortchanging their clients. I’ve always been proud of Prime […]

Increase in Response Rates By Using Clean Data

That’s the kind of relationship-busting mailing that is sure to sink a campaign quickly. But it happens a lot more than you think. Direct marketers often serve-up this type of mailing because address, name data or other information is carelessly used for “personalized communication.” I mention this because last month a new client happily reported […]

Turn your reciepts into a responsive marketing channel

Fundraisers are always trying engage with donors. And for many the go-to solution is a drip email campaign that automatically starts after the first donation is processed. Email may be cheap, but… This might have been a great tool, but people today have a lot more in their inbox. A generic drip campaign sent via […]

Why the Fed’s Canada Post Task Force is consulting the wrong people

Last week I participated in my first Federal Government Town Hall. I prepared a speech, officially started it like I learned in grade school… “Honourable Members of Parliament, members of the public…” and shared my two cents’ worth about the future of Canada Post. For the record, my entire business depends upon it; similarly, my […]

Reaching the unreachable consumer

Customer Experience (commonly called CX) is the product of every interaction between your organization and its customers. It goes well beyond a transactional relationship and requires that you are able to “speak” to them in the context of the relationship they choose to have with you. But with the advent of adblockers and low email […]