My Day At Prime Data – A 15 year old’s view of direct mail

15 year old Ashlyn Cowie spent a day around our shop I woke up at 6:30am this morning, I was curious about the day ahead of me at Prime Data. As my mom and I drove into the parking lot of the building, I got an instant rush of excitement to finally see the place […]

Looking back before leaping forward

I don’t think there’s anyone who will put forward an argument that 2016 was boring. From the arts (RIP Bowie, Prince and others) to global politics (refugees, Brexit, U.S. election) it was a wild one, with enough twists and turns for a really unbelievable novel. Beyond what did happen, let’s think about what didn’t. The […]

Great news…Prime Data is growing again!

We are excited to announce that, as of December 18, 2014, Prime Data and Andrews Direct Marketing have combined to form one exceptional direct mail company! As a newly joined company under the Prime Data brand, we can offer clients more: production capacity print, including automated print workflow automated marketing customer service support ability to […]

“Direct Mail Matters” – Join us October 9th as we “Think inside the box”

Prime Data is excited to be attending CPC’s “Think inside the box – Survival of the Fittest #TITB14” Tradeshow on October 9th, 2014 at the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre. As an innovative direct mail provider, Prime Data inhabits the intersection between digital communications, IT solutions and solid-performing print/mail. Innovation fuels growth and at Prime Data […]

Admail postage prices drop for DM Fundraising in 2015.

Great news! As of January 15, 2015 fundraisers will see a reduction of 3.5% in postal rates for Admail. With these rate reductions, fundraisers can invest in more printing and mailing services to communicate with new and existing donors. The average postage paid by non-profits was $0.466 each while the rate will be only $0.45 […]

Canada Post ad for Zelen Shoes

22% more online sales using direct mail

 A 412% lift in mobile traffic to the website? Digital may be a great way to sell, but direct mail is clearly a great way to get them there to buy. Call us if you want to know more about how to execute campaigns like this one by Zelen Shoes.

2015 Postage Prices / Rates for Admail Lettermail and Stamps

Canada Post announced the proposed 2015 postage rates: Admail, Lettermail and Postage Prices for Stamps These will take effect on January 12, 2015.   Good News for Direct Mail users like charities and fundraising is that Admail postal rates will decrease for the most common kinds of direct mail used for fundraising and DM.   I did […]

Direct Mail Full House

A Direct Mail Full House In My Mailbox

This is a Direct Mail Full House in my opinion Canada Post must be thrilled with the renewed popularity of direct mail.  On this particular day I received: real live handwritten postcard, some political advertising, food, retail clothing, real estate, a coupon package and a nice fundraising message from the Red Cross.  That’s a DM […]

2014 Postage Prices / Rates for Lettermail and Stamps

Canada Post announced the proposed 2014 postage rates for Lettermail and Postage Prices for Stamps These will take effect on March 31 2014.  You can continue to use your “P” Stamps but will have to buy additional postage for the stamps with less than required amount marked on them. The Five Point Action Plan also […]