How do you say thank you for a job well done?

How do show your gratitude? A pat on the back is always nice. We all love the recognition and acknowledgement that comes from receiving a simple thank you. But if you’re the one saying “thanks,” how you say it is as important as the sentiment you want to express. If you’ve ever received an email […]

Timing is everything for successful campaigns

  In marketing timing is the most important component to a successful campaign. Connect the right product message with the right person at the right time and you will get their attention 10 times out of 10. When was the last time you were digitally stalked around the web, based on a random search or […]

Don’t blame catalogues for Sears’ failure

Here’s a fun fact — my very first job was delivering hundreds of Sears catalogues, towed in my wagon, to houses in Aurora with my sibs and a few friends. Sometimes we recruited my mom to drive the heavier ones closer to homes. (Thanks Mom!) I probably delivered the wish book you see in this […]

My Day At Prime Data – A 15 year old’s view of direct mail

15 year old Ashlyn Cowie spent a day around our shop I woke up at 6:30am this morning, I was curious about the day ahead of me at Prime Data. As my mom and I drove into the parking lot of the building, I got an instant rush of excitement to finally see the place […]

Looking back before leaping forward

I don’t think there’s anyone who will put forward an argument that 2016 was boring. From the arts (RIP Bowie, Prince and others) to global politics (refugees, Brexit, U.S. election) it was a wild one, with enough twists and turns for a really unbelievable novel. Beyond what did happen, let’s think about what didn’t. The […]

Millennials Under The Spell Of Harry Potter Direct Mail

I’ve made this case before: a printed piece of direct mail has a greater perceived value, and drives much higher results than email. Of course that’s something you’d expect me to say, because printed marketing technology is my business. But do millennials have the same perception?  What do they respond best to? You guessed it […]

Great news…Prime Data is growing again!

We are excited to announce that, as of December 18, 2014, Prime Data and Andrews Direct Marketing have combined to form one exceptional direct mail company! As a newly joined company under the Prime Data brand, we can offer clients more: production capacity print, including automated print workflow automated marketing customer service support ability to […]

Tips for attending AFP Congress 2014

The thought of being out of the office for multiple days can be somewhat daunting however, with a few helpful tips your time spent can be well utilized and very rewarding. So change your voicemail and put your out of office on, here are five key tips to maximizing your experience at AFP Congress 2014. […]

AFP Congress Toronto 2014 – worth a stop at booth 111

Attending the 2014 AFP Congress in Toronto from November 24 to 26? If so, make sure you come by and see Prime Data at booth #111 to learn about how we can help you build the strongest donor relationships possible with our Direct Mail – Online Channel integrations and Marketing Automation. A highlight is our #RotatetoDonate […]

“Direct Mail Matters” – Join us October 9th as we “Think inside the box”

Prime Data is excited to be attending CPC’s “Think inside the box – Survival of the Fittest #TITB14” Tradeshow on October 9th, 2014 at the Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre. As an innovative direct mail provider, Prime Data inhabits the intersection between digital communications, IT solutions and solid-performing print/mail. Innovation fuels growth and at Prime Data […]