Great news…Prime Data is growing again!

We are excited to announce that, as of December 18, 2014, Prime Data and Andrews Direct Marketing have combined to form one exceptional direct mail company! As a newly joined company under the Prime Data brand, we can offer clients more: production capacity print, including automated print workflow automated marketing customer service support ability to […]

PlanetPress Professional Services, VDP & Digital Media Execution Launch

April 2013 — Prime Data announces the launch of a new level of automation and effectiveness for creating and distributing digital documents. We can now use PlanetPress Suite solutions to coordinate Variable Data Print (VDP) data-driven documents – whether emailed, faxed, digital archived, printed and shipped (bulk), or printed and mailed (individually) . In addition to adding the […]

The Future of Variable Data Printing

The Future of Variable Data Printing

Is this the future of variable data printing? We’ve used data files to print elaborate marketing direct mail and email but now VDP it is driving measurable mobile applications. Geopon approached Prime Data to help them execute this Mobile Loyalty Card program. Their idea is to replace the traditional punch card at the cash register […]