Direct mail production just got…EASIER, FASTER & BETTER

A Print Solution That Revolutionizes Direct Mail

See for yourself how elan gives you better targeting -- for less time and money

Marketing automation and variable digital print more affordable than ever

Prime Data introduces elan -- inkjet printing technology that changes the way direct mail works.

You can easily and affordably improve your targeting, thanks to unlimited colour variability on both sides.

No matter what you're offering, talk to new, repeat or occasional audiences in the language that makes sense for them, as affordably as you do with much less variability right now.

As the only company in Canada to have elan by Delphax, Prime Data provides clients with speed, quality and affordability like you’ve never seen before for full-colour variable printing.

PRICEMATCHING OFFER: Show us what you're paying now for shells and black laser print -- we'll match that price on your first campaign with elan! Call Steve today at 1.888.261.2584 ext. 301 to test elan on your next job.

  • One-step printing: white paper to double-sided cut sheets
  • Speed: shrinks production schedule by completely eliminating shells
  • Affordability: more cost effective than ever; lower cost alternative to colour laser
  • Customization: colour variable messaging & personalization on both sides
  • Quality: print quality previously unavailable

An ideal option for data-driven, time-sensitive or urgent print production. Practical application for franchises, political campaigns, marketing automation and more. Speak more directly through variable colour print and start planning what you’ll be doing with the time and money we saved you with elan.