Digital triggers create personalized printed cards and letters...

that are mailed the next day!


“ of the best, if not the best evangelist of the power of mail in moving hearts.”

–Deepak Chopra

CEO of Canada Post

“ innovative approach to direct mail.”

– Steve Southin

Co-Founder, BUMPER Apps Inc.




When does triggered printed mail add value?

Win-back programs

Cart abandonment

Form abandonment

Loyalty points/bonus gift

Reduced-to-clear products


It is easy.  

You could be testing personalized printed mail in just a few days.

 Contact me today: Ted Haberer, 289-796-1500 or

Does your non-profit send receipts by mail?

Turn tax receipts into your newest donor engagement tool!

With variable data printing technology we can now create custom appeals in your tax receipts based on donor history!